A Few Surprising Ideas for Maximizing Space in Small Residences:

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  1. Aim to Use Your Vertical Space (AKA, Your Walls) – Consider “pop-out,” “pull-down,” “fold-out” and “fold-up” products that mount on your walls.  Two of my favorites are:
  • Fold-Out Desks – These desks can replace that office you lack.  Basic office supplies are easily stored inside.  Just “fold-out” when it’s home office time.  “Fold-up” when not in use.  I suggest keeping an attractive rolling filing cart nearby, so that in a roll and a “fold-out” you have all of your essentials.  These desks also function well as a study center.  You can fit two chairs (fold-up chairs of course), one on each side of the desk surface.  Basic homework essentials can be stored inside.  Wall mount the desk in an area in which you will be able to supervise your kids’ study time.  The kitchen is typically the top choice.  The living room is a close second.  Additional ideas for the usage of a “fold-out” desk are:  an eating nook, an arts & craft zone, a couponing area and the popular multi-use!  If you decide to use the desk for multiple purposes, get a rolling cart with multiple drawers and use and label each drawer for one use materials.  For example, one drawer may contain office supplies, one drawer may contain arts & crafts supplies, one drawer holds study supplies, etc…

The Wall Mount Ironing Board Center – Small homes typically equal little to no laundry area!  Make use of your wall space and mount your own laundry area.  These ironing board centers open up and out comes an ironing board.  Neatly stored inside are your iron and your laundry products.  Use the board as a folding and ironing center.



        2.   If it can Hang from the Ceiling, Hang It from the Ceiling (You Don’t Use That Space Anyway)!  –  Free up a kitchen drawer by doing something as inexpensive and simple as hanging your pot-holders from command hooks.  Hang a multi-tiered fruit basket anywhere!  You can hang one in the bath to store towels and wash cloths, toiletries, your hair dryer and brushes, etc…  Hang one in your kids’ rooms to store books, stuffed animals, toys that won’t slip through the cracks, etc…  Hang one in the kitchen (no, not for fruit) to store dish cloths, napkins, frequently used measuring cups, pot holders, spices, etc…  Be sure to test the reachability factor prior to finding a permanent spot to hang your baskets.  If the chain length provided is not long enough, add S-hooks or attractive rings (I use shower curtain rings that match the décor of the room) to extend to the length you need.

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