Spring Cleaning Tips for the Restless

Posted on: April 12th, 2013 by Kristi | No Comments

lady suitcase



1.    Strategically Locate:  Store things together that you usually use together.  For example, cake decorating items; utensils, molds and dyes should be kept together in a cake decorating area.


2.     Protect Clothing:  Store clothing in a humidity-free area of the home.  Plastic sweater containers work very well.  Place them on a top shelf or under the bed.


3.     Remember the small things like color coded keys, labeling, marking cables and wires, etc…


4.     Itsy items:  Leave trial-size products packed in your suitcase and ready to go on vacation.


5.     Novel Clutter Busters:  Store rolls of gift wrap in a trashcan; Use hanging three tiered baskets as storage in the kitchen, bath, etc…;  store ribbon on a small tension pole.


6.    Get a Handle on Those Tools:  You’ll be using the garage for gardening in the spring and summer months.  Save space for gardening equipment and supplies by doing a tool sort.


Good luck on your way to a more organized SPRING!

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