I Meant to Stop There! I’m Here, but I Don’t Have the Stuff I Need!

Posted on: August 14th, 2014 by Kristi | No Comments

dreamstimefree_1842647Do you ever get in your car to run errands only to realize half-way to your destination that you forgot the item(s) you needed to complete the errand(s)? There is a simple solution that you can build into your nighttime routine. Keep a CLEAR container with an easy-open lid in the front seat of your car. In the evenings, as you look over your to-do list for the next day, gather up and place all of the items you will need to accomplish the next day’s tasks in the clear container. Write your errands down on a large super sticky note and stick the note on the lid of the box facing the driver’s seat. Place a pen in the box. Now everything you need is conveniently contained in one place. At each stop, simply take out what you need from the box. After the errand is complete, mark it off your list. For people who struggle remembering where and when to stop, they now have two reminders: An errand list and the contents of the errand box. I prefer the clear container I linked to this post because it is of great quality and has a handle for easy transfer to the back seat when you have front seat passengers. However, any CLEAR container will do. Here are some examples of items you may want to include in your errand box:

Forms needed for appointments

Library books to return

Store exchanges/returns

Reading material for stops that require waiting

Dry Cleaning

DVD’s to return

A grocery list and any coupons

Papers needed for a parent conference

Banking deposit slips w/ signed checks (if your car is in a secure location overnight)

Oil change coupon

Small snacks and a water bottle



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