Q: What is a Professional Organizer?

A:  The National Association of Productivity & Organizing Professionals (NAPO) describes a professional organizer as a person who “enhances the lives of clients by designing systems and processes using organizing principles and through transferring organizing skills. Professional organizers help their clients take control of their surroundings, their time, their paper, and their systems.”


Q: What is a Certified Professional Organizer?

 A:  A Certified Professional Organizer (CPO®) is a member of the organizing profession that has achieved the highest distinction possible by completing a rigorous course of study of organizing and related topics, and passing the CPO® examination. Only a very small number of organizers in the profession have achieved this designation.


Q: What is a Certified Professional Organizer Certification?

A:  CPO® Certification is a voluntary, industry-led effort which benefits the public and members of the organizing profession. CPO® Certification recognizes those professionals who have met specific minimum qualifications and proven through examination and client interaction to possess the body of knowledge and experience required for certification. The program recognizes and raises industry standards, practices, and ethics. While the CPO® designation is not an endorsement or recommendation, certification of professional organizers maximizes the value received from the services provided and products recommended by a CPO®.


Q: Will I have to throw out all of my stuff?

A:  Defintely not!  One of the begining steps of organizing a home, a room in a home or even a desk in a home is looking at the things you own from a new perspective. This may lead to removing (trash, recycle, donate, give away, sell…) many items or just a few. Nothing will EVER be removed from your home without YOUR permission.


Q: How long will it take to get organized?

A:  It is so difficult to give a time estimate for completion as it depends on so many factors.  The size of the home is less of a factor than one might think.  Some factors include the speed of decisions, whether I work alone for some of the hours on a task we have already agreed on, what occurs between visits to either speed up the progress (I assign “homework” and have clients check in with me between sessions to report how it is going, to ask questions, to get general support and encouragement…) or to impede the progress.  It is so variable.  As I mentioned, it depends on the client’s ability to make decisions, their willingness under my guidance to part with items if needed, and the sheer volume of stuff that has to be sorted.  Sorting through years of accumulation and actually transferring skills and setting up efficient systems is much more than tidying up.


Q: How much will is cost me to get organized?

A:  It is just as difficult to determine how much as it is to determine how long.  It depends on the size of the project (ex. entire home or just the home office) and how wisely we use our time. Luckily, the amount of money that you would like to budget for the process is completely up to you. I have levels of services that range from less than thirty dollars up to nearly $3,000. Although I know that what I’m about to say sounds like I’ve truned into a used car salesman, over time the cost of getting organized is much less than the decision not to get organized.


Q: Is my house the worst house you have ever seen?

 A:  NO. How can I say “no” without even viewing your house in person or in pictures? Because I have worked in the specialized field of hoarding for years.  As for the amount of stuff that may have accumulated over the years, no matter what it is or the volume, I can help. I have crawled, climbed, and performed what I would call unobtainable stretching movements at my age to go through homes I organize!  And, I love every minute of it!  I also like to say, you have not seen what I have seen, but I have and you should see it now!


Q: How will you work with me?

A: That depends on which of my services you would like. If you’re not sure after looking through my services pages, feel free to email me a bit about your goals and your current state and we will figure it out together.  Regardless of the services you select, I use my tried and true organizing system REBUILD W/ “I”s In Mind™ to organize anything from a refrigerator to an entire home.


Q: Do you have a guarantee for your products and services?

A:  An individual who joins one of my online membership programs may cancel prior to the second month for a full refund. If you book an in-home, phone, or email session with me and you are not happy with how things are going after 1 hour, we can part ways with no no money owed. I understand the importance of finding the right match for you.


Q: Will my information remain private?

A:  A definite yes! I abide by Codes of Ethics as outlined by the Board of Certification for Professional Organizers (BCPO)  and by my own passionate beliefs about honor, trust and fairness.


Q: What is Virtual Organizing?

A:  Virtual organizing is getting organized by any means other than in person.  Methods include email, teleclasses/teleseminars, phone calls, sending pictures, facebook groups and other internet-based groups.


Q: What is a Teleseminar?

A:   A teleclass/teleseminar is simply a class presented over the telephone, using a central telephone conferencing service.  Participants are able to call a local number (or toll-free number outside major cities).  All callers have a code which lets them into the class.  There’s usually an opportunity to ask questions.  It’s also possible to record the class.


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