Related Professionals

I am looking for two types of connections with related professionals:


1. I would like to establish a cross-referral program with an individual/company in each of the following areas:

housecleaners, extreme cleaning, laundry, antique appraisers, mental health professionals familiar with CBT, storage unit mobile and stationary, realtors, contractors, handymen, people wanting to do odd jobs around a home/yard, consignment stores, auctioneers, tax consultants, accountants, movers, shredding services, junk haulers, eBay listings, plumbers, electricians, flowers/gifts, local donation sites/charities, financial planners, debt counselors, ADHD specialists, family therapists, marriage counselors, tutors for children, errands, computer technicians, property managers, relocation services and neighborhood association leaders.


2. Hoarding Task Force Development Project, Team Members: I am in the initial stages of a lengthy process of creating a much needed Hoarding Task Force in the Charleston, SC and surrounding area.

I am looking for individuals/companies willing to learn about hoarding and to devote some time to assisting those who contact the Hoarding Task Force (HTF) at no expense or at a discounted rate. Specific professionals needed include: Government Officials (I must have their support to have a HTF), therapists trained in CBT, providers of supplemental services such as biohazard services, temporary storage, trash removal, recycling, shredding, financial counselors, social workers, senior care providers, and general volunteers.


Please consider one or more of the following actions if you are interested in connecting:

  • Let’s get to know eachother through email or phone (thehousethatclutterbuilt@gmail.comĀ 843-642-0947)
  • After reviewing my website, refer one or more of your clients to one of my services that will help your client.
  • If you have the ability to fund projects, please consider the establishment of a Hoarding Task Force as one of your worthwhie ambitons.
  • Be sure to join my mailing list and social media sites
  • Listen to my past programs on
  • Consider obtaining me as a speaker


Thank you related professionals. I hope we can establish life long connections that will provide our clients with the best service they could possibly receive!


Kristi Meyer


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