Hoarding Program

Com­pas­sion­ate Help for Com­pul­sive Hoarding

Over the last several years, I have had numer­ous requests for help from peo­ple who hoard, or their loved ones.  Many of these requests led to my in-home ser­vices where much progress was made, and life-long rela­tion­ships were formed.  On the other side of the coin, many could not get help because of the cost of in-home assis­tance, they were out of my service area or due to the fact that they didn’t want any­one in their home.

This left me with a mis­sion to find a way to help every­one who faces the discomforts of compulsive hoarding.  I wanted to offer a pro­gram that was afford­able and effec­tive.  The result is an inter­net-based mem­ber­ship pro­gram for com­pul­sive hoarding.

The pro­gram is 6 months in length (with the option to repeat) and is based on evi­dence of success in help­ing peo­ple who hoard. The pro­gram will pro­vide instruc­tion, sup­port and moti­va­tion.  The instruc­tional com­po­nent will be based on “doing the book,” Buried in Trea­sures, and my own exper­tise which was devel­oped through work­ing with peo­ple who hoard, and through my stud­ies and research, which earned me the title of Hoard­ing and Chronic Dis­or­ga­ni­za­tion Specialist.

Dur­ing the 6-month mem­ber­ship pro­gram, I will be pro­vid­ing the fol­low­ing to my members:

  • The book “Buried in Treasures
  • The work­book that was designed for “Buried in Treasures
  • Lam­i­nated tools that will be used through­out the program
  • Dry-erase mak­ers and eraser (for use with the tools)
  • A unique timer that makes the pas­sage of time very clear
  • Addi­tional tools, such as super-sticky Post-It notes and per­ma­nent markers
  • Access to a private facebook page where par­tic­i­pants can share and sup­port other members
  • Vis­its from me on the facebook page
  • A one-hour tele­sem­i­nar every week of the pro­gram period (that’s 26 hours with me, a $1,820 value) in which we will go over home­work, share, sup­port and “do the book”
  • Unlimited email to me using a private email address to share spe­cific prob­lem areas, or just for extra encouragement
  • And much more

Mem­ber­ship in the Com­pas­sion­ate Help for Com­pul­sive Hoard­ing program will be lim­ited to ensure that every mem­ber gets the personal assis­tance they need.

If you or some­one you know would like to sign up for this program or gain addi­tional infor­ma­tion about this new and excit­ing pro­gram, please con­tact me with your interest in joining or ques­tions.  You may email me at thehousethatclutterbuilt@sc.rr.com or use the Contact Form.


$166 a month (this is a 6 month recurring payment) or $830 for the 6 month program (that’s one month free)!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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