New Organizer Mentoring

I became the founder and owner of The House That Clutter Built, a Certified Professional Organizer®, a Certified Family Manager® Coach and a Hoarding, ADHD & Chronic Disorganization Specialist & fully booked; all in 3 years.  I now have 10 years of experience.  I can help you.

  • You provide the questions
  • I provide the answers
  • I fill in the gaps
  • Conducted over the phone and through email
  • You choose when you’re ready to go it alone


Here is an example of topics we could cover:

  • What it is like to be a professional organizer
  • Working with special-needs populations
  • Setting rates that work within your area
  • Developing a client-base
  • Professional development opportunities
  • Growing your business

One of the best invest­ments I made for my busi­ness was secur­ing not one, but two, excep­tional orga­niz­ers who both agreed to be my men­tors.  It was the only time I felt com­fort­able ask­ing all of those ques­tions that I felt were “stu­pid” or “obvi­ous” and even worse, the ques­tions that I felt I should already know the answers to.  I was too unsure of myself to even ask some of my burn­ing ques­tions on NAPO Chat (new mem­ber or reg­u­lar)!  I knew that one day, when I had reached what I define as suc­cess, I would be sure to help oth­ers want­ing to enter the field.

If you and I are a good fit, count on total hon­esty, an engraved sense of ethics and a sar­cas­tic and fun sense of humor!  Your job will be to pre­pare a list of ques­tions prior to our phone con­ver­sa­tions.  These lists you cre­ate will be our cur­ricu­lum.  If I feel you left some­thing out, I have a men­tal and writ­ten list of need-to-knows and I’ll be sure we dis­cuss those items as well.

Contact me to discuss creating a package that works both financially and professionally for you. 


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$50 per hour

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