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Orga­niz­ing your paper­work, bills, receipts, to-do lists, kids’ papers, and all of the addi­tional pieces of paper that enter your house is one of the most per­son­al­ized orga­ni­za­tional chal­lenges.  When it comes to paper (and electronic “papers” such as emails), every­one is even more unique than in all of the other caete­gories of orga­ni­za­tion.  Some need every­thing in sight, some need just some items in sight, some use tech­nol­ogy, some use no tech­nol­ogy, some use a mix of both, some need every­thing ver­ti­cal and some need every­thing hor­i­zon­tal.  Also, some are savers of every lit­tle piece of paper (do you have old for­tune-cookie for­tunes some­where in your house?) and some throw out impotr­tant doc­u­ments that come back to haunt them at tax time.  Some save just the right amount for them, but haven’t a clue where they are when they need them.

Due to these extreme dif­fer­ences in paper man­age­ment needs, I offer a range of very dif­fer­ent paper relief ser­vices.  If, after read­ing the descrip­tions and research­ing, you’re still not sure which is right for you, please con­tact me and we will fig­ure it out together!


Do You Live in South Carolina?  Get In-Home Support/Organizing

If you live within my service area and need help with paper relief and management, I can help you in your home with regular home sessions.  My sessions are typically 4 hours in length.  My clients are typically seen once a week.  We will also go over the products and use what you already have on you or order product solutions together.  Contact me at for costs and scheduling.


The Paper Tiger Option:

The Paper Tiger is a com­puter pro­gram that helps you orga­nize your papers.  Your papers will still be located in an action file and file cabinets/banker boxes, etc…  How­ever, you will have a com­plete ref­er­ence sys­tem on your com­puter to help you find where a paper was placed in sec­onds!  I also use this for my clients CDs, DVDs, emer­gency doc­u­ments and items, and much more.  You could set up a cat­e­gory for your shoes or the candy under your bed!

You may order your Paper Tiger software using the above link.  Once you have your product, please see Organizer in the Phone to select time for me to help you set it up.


The Free­dom­Filer Option:

If you’d like to skip the com­puter data-base approach, the Free­dom­Filer is a great solution.  The Ready-Made Kits are the way to go.  What’s spe­cial about this sys­tem is it is set up to self-purge when needed.

You may order your Freedom Filer using the above link.  Once you have your product, please see Organizer in the Phone to select time for me to help you set it up.


The Tick­ler File Accom­pa­ny­ing Option:

After your impor­tant “to Keep“papers have been filed away using the Paper Tiger or the Free­dom­Filer, it’s time to address those papers that come in daily and need to be kept on hand.  One way is by using a tick­ler file.


The Action File Box Accom­pa­ny­ing Option:

Use a desk­top file box to set up your daily action files.  Com­bined with Smead View­ables, this approach works for many of my clients.



Then, there is the lat­est in paper reduc­tion, the Neat Desk.

My ser­vices to get your papers in order will depend on which sys­tem will work best for you.  Once we deter­mine the right fit, I will coach you through as many pieces of paper as you need to under­stand and effec­tively use the sys­tem.  If you select Paper Tiger In the Clouds — the online ver­sion– I can even take con­trol of your com­puter screen and help you get your cat­e­gories in place.


I will be happy to speak with you about your indi­vid­ual objectives. Please email to begin discussing your needs.


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