Student Organizing

Is your child struggling in school?  Disorganization has been found to have a negative effect on grades and other achievements.  I was an elementary and middle school teacher for 13 years.  I have seen it all and I have successfully changed the direction of school performance.

My student organization program covers grades K and up.  After an initial consultation, should you decide to obtain my services, your child will begin a 6 week program.  Each session will be about 1 hour in length.

The program covers:

  • Time Management
  • Project Management
  • Paper Management
  • Space Management at School
  • Space Management at Home
  • Study Habits

I am specially trained to work with clients with ADHD.  If your student has this diagnosis, I will work ADD-friendly strategies into the program.

The cost, including the initial consultation (typically 2 hours) and 6 weeks (1 hour per week) is $480

Please contact me with requests for additional information and any questions you may have.  You may use the contact form or email me at




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