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 Where Do You Begin?


Going around your home randomly throwing out some items won’t get you very far.  Flinging out 100 items that were spread throughout your home won’t make a noticeable, nor significant, difference.  You will need to focus on one area at a time.  I would suggest starting with whatever room or space in your home causes you the most anxiety.  The space you would be thrilled to have organized.  That doesn’t necessarily mean the space with the most clutter.  Your garage may be impossible to park or even walk in, but if organizing your garage isn’t going to give you the same amount of satisfaction as organizing a less cluttered space, skip it for now.


The space you start with may be a whole room or it may be a part of a room.  For example, you may want to organize your bedroom closet, not the entire bedroom.  You may want to organize the pantry, not the entire kitchen.  When you select your starting space, break it down further.  For example, if you want to start with your bathroom, begin with the countertops, and then move on to under the sink, etc…  If organizing a home office, begin with the desktop, and then move on to a drawer, etc…


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