Six Tips for a Less Cluttered Kitchen

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1.     If it can Hang from the Ceiling, Hang It from the Ceiling (You Don’t Use That Space Anyway)!  –

·        Free up a kitchen drawer by doing something as inexpensive and simple as hanging your pot-holders from command hooks.

·        Hang a multi-tiered fruit basket!

(  You can hang one in the kitchen (no, not for fruit) to store dish cloths, napkins, frequently used measuring cups, pot holders, spices, etc…  Be sure to test the reachability factor prior to finding a permanent spot to hang your baskets.  If the chain length provided is not long enough, add S-hooks or attractive rings (I use shower curtain rings that match the décor of the kitchen) to extend to the length you need.

After 1b

2.     The Kitchen Utensils Holding Bin Approach –

Take all of your utensils and kitchen gadgets out of your drawers (cake decorating tools, 18 spatulas, cookie cutters, whisks, tongs, turkey baster, corkscrews, can openers, meat thermometers, etc…), except for your daily silverware.  Place all of them in a covered plastic bin on the kitchen floor or counter depending on the size.  If it doesn’t come out of the bin within one week, it needs to be moved from your easily accessible drawers to higher cabinets in the kitchen.  Don’t do this during a holiday week, that’s cheating!


3.     Clear Your Counters Using Mats –

Kitchen counters are meant to be used for food preparation and plating.  Often they are used for appliances we don’t use often, papers and stuff! Want a surefire way to limit the amount of items you keep on your kitchen counters?  I came up with a silly, yet effective solution.  Use mats to define your counter usage limits.  Counters are tricky because they are not contained.  When a drawer gets full, you simply can’t put anything else in the drawer.  Counters allow spreading out and piling up.  Create your own space boundaries using placemats that go with your kitchen décor.  Determine what you use often and therefore need in that primary counter real estate.  Next, categorize the items.  Then, assign each category to a placemat.  No category can get so full that it spreads out over the mat and no category can get so full that items have to be piled on top of each other (unless they are made for that purpose such as stacking clear containers).  Possible categories include:  Frequently used spices, frequently used clean up items, recipe cards/books and miscellaneous items that tend to attach themselves to the kitchen counters like mail and keys and coupons.  Want to take it one step further?  Purchase personalized mats!!  If you go this route, there can be no excuses for placing items in the wrong spot!  This mat can include each family member’s name and be labeled Our Odds & Ends Then there are the more traditional mats.


4.     Clean Up the Cabinets & Plan Meals All at Once-

Preplan meals weekly and use clear plastic stackable containers with lids to put all of the items needed for each meal in a separate container. Then label each clear plastic container!  Have one “Monday” box in the pantry, one “Monday” box in the fridge, and label freezer items with “Monday.”  Then continue with each day of the week. If you eat out twice a week and make sandwiches one night, then you only need to preplan 4 meals.  You can also meal plan and containerize by theme:  Mexican Night, Family Favorites Night, Quick & Easy Night, etc… My favorite container for this is linked and it is pictured in the attached pantry before and after files.


5.     Use the Inside of Those Cabinet & Pantry Doors –

One of my favorite tips is to use clear hanging shoe organizers for anything but shoes!!  The great thing is that they are completely customizable.  Too wide, cut a column off.  Too long, cut a row or two off.  Don’t want over the door hooks showing; hang them by using cup holder screws, narrow ended command hooks or strong Velcro tape.  I have one attached to the inside of my pantry door that contains many items, including the following: chip clips, recipe cards, toothpicks, sandwich bags and straws.  You can also attach clear shoe organizers, cut to size, to your refrigerator using magnetic tape.  Store sticky notes, pens, pencils, pocket calendars, keys and more.


6.     Kitchen Organizing Products You Should Not be Deprived of –


Ones you could do without, but shouldn’t have to.  So don’t mention that!

The perfect dish drainer.  Fits in the corner and takes up little space.



If you have kids or simple gatherings, the pop-a-plate is a neat way to store and retrieve paper plates.



The pop-a-napkin becomes a must have if you get the pop-a-plate!


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