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1. Try on the Costumes, Again: Even if you just purchased your family costumes a couple of weeks before Halloween, pull them out again 3 days before Halloween. If you or your children will be wearing the costumes prior to Halloween (to school or an early party), pull out the costumes 3 days prior to […]

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Much like I.Q., your O.Q. – Organization Quotient – can help you learn where you rank on the organizational scale. Are you hyper-organized or in need of professional help to get your home and life organized? Take this simple quiz to find out your O.Q.: 1. I can find important papers I need within a […]

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Do you ever get in your car to run errands only to realize half-way to your destination that you forgot the item(s) you needed to complete the errand(s)? There is a simple solution that you can build into your nighttime routine. Keep a CLEAR container with an easy-open lid in the front seat of your […]

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“Know, first, who you are; and then adorn yourself accordingly.” – Epictetus     Consider for just a moment how your life would look different if you owned fewer clothes:   You would have more disposable income. You would have more time to live your life. Mornings would feature less stress. Your closets would be well-organized […]

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    1.    Strategically Locate:  Store things together that you usually use together.  For example, cake decorating items; utensils, molds and dyes should be kept together in a cake decorating area.   2.     Protect Clothing:  Store clothing in a humidity-free area of the home.  Plastic sweater containers work very well.  Place them on a top shelf or under […]