Student Organizing

Is your child struggling in school?  Disorganization has been found to have a negative effect on grades and other achievements.  I was an elementary and middle school teacher for 13 years.  I have seen it all and I have successfully changed the direction of school performance.

My student organization program covers grades K and up.  After an initial consultation, should you decide to obtain my services, your child will begin a 6 week program.  Each session will be about 1 hour in length.

The program covers:

  • Time Management
  • Project Management
  • Paper Management
  • Space Management at School
  • Space Management at Home
  • Study Habits

I am specially trained to work with clients with ADHD.  If your student has this diagnosis, I will work ADD-friendly strategies into the program.

The cost, including the initial consultation (typically 2 hours) and 6 weeks (1 hour per week) is $480

Please contact me with requests for additional information and any questions you may have.  Email me at


You May Also Get a General In-Home Support/Organizing Package for Your Home & Use Part of Our Time Together Working With Your Student

If you live within my service area and need help with many areas of the home, including organization for your kids, I can help you in your home with regular home sessions.  My sessions are typically 4 hours in length.  My clients are typically seen once a week.  We will use some of the strategies outlined above for the kid part.  Contact me at for costs and scheduling.




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