Virtual Organizing & Group Programs

Orga­nizer in the Phone:

Use this one-on-one phone consulting with me as an add- on to any other pack­age or ser­vice, or use this as the pri­mary means to get your orga­niz­ing project(s) com­pleted.  We will work on any space in your home and/or any other organizing issues such as time management & paper management.  The price struc­ture is per-hour.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

$50 per hour

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Orga­nizer in the In-Box:

If you have one area that you would like to orga­nize, but just don’t know where to start, or have already made attempts that weren’t suc­cess­ful, try my Organizer in the In-Box.  Send me pic­tures of the space you would like to orga­nize and a descrip­tion of what is going on in the space right now, and what you want to be going on in the space after your Organizer in the In-Box.  I will respond with tips, a pri­or­i­tized to-do list and, if requested, prod­uct suggestions.


100% Satisfaction Guarantee


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REBUILD w/ “I”s in Mind:

One-hour teleseminar every Monday of the 9-week program (that’s 9 hours with me).  During this time, I will reveal what the letters stand for in REBUILD W/ I’s, one letter or organizing skill at a time.  The teleseminars will be recorded and made available in the member’s area in case you miss one or would like to re-listen.

Access to a Facebook group where participants can share, support and motivate other members

Visits from me in the forum

Unlimited emails to me to discuss specific areas or just for some extra support

Accountability through homework assignments

My monthly newsletter with bonuses and discounts

A structured program

A limited class sizes to ensure every member’s needs are met

Product suggestions

The ability to send pictures of your spaces that you would like to organize

A 20-minute phone call after the 9-week program to tweak and further individualize your results


Only $549 for the 9-weeks


Compassionate Help for Compulsive Hoarding:

The pro­gram is 6 months in length (with the option to repeat) and is based on evi­dence of success in help­ing peo­ple who hoard. The pro­gram will pro­vide instruc­tion, sup­port and moti­va­tion.  The instruc­tional com­po­nent will be based on “doing the book,” Buried in Trea­sures, and my own exper­tise which was devel­oped through work­ing with peo­ple who hoard, and through my stud­ies and research, which earned me the title of Hoard­ing and Chronic Dis­or­ga­ni­za­tion Specialist.


Dur­ing the 6-month mem­ber­ship pro­gram, I will be pro­vid­ing the fol­low­ing to my members:

  • The book “Buried in Treasures
  • The work­book that was designed for “Buried in Treasures
  • Lam­i­nated tools that will be used through­out the program
  • Dry-erase mak­ers and eraser (for use with the tools)
  • A unique timer that makes the pas­sage of time very clear
  • Addi­tional tools, such as super-sticky Post-It notes and per­ma­nent markers
  • Access to a forum where par­tic­i­pants can share and sup­port other members
  • Vis­its from me in the forum
  • A one-hour tele­sem­i­nar every Wednesday of the pro­gram period (that’s 26 hours with me) in which we will go over home­work, share, sup­port and “do the book”
  • Email me to share spe­cific prob­lem areas, or just for extra encouragement
  • And much more

Mem­ber­ship in the Com­pas­sion­ate Help for Com­pul­sive Hoard­ing program will be lim­ited to ensure that every mem­ber gets the personal assis­tance they need.


$166 a month (this is a 6 month recurring payment) or $830 for the 6 month program (that’s one month free)!



Ebook With Internet Assistance:

Tips for Organizing & Decluttering in 20 Days

This eBook comes with email and facebook interaction support!  If you have any questions during the 20 days of tips, I will answer them, personally, through email or my facebook page.


Only $30



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